She rocked back and forth while sitting on her toilet behind locked doors her world came crumbling down. In her hands she held tightly to the strip with with two lines on her other hand to the phone text “we are done ” tears escaped her as her throat chocked with bitterness. “How did i get here?” She whispered the question repeatedly to the cold toilet walls but inside her she screamed her lungs out. A thousand more questions flocked her mind together with this the whys and hows and if or maybe’s that were rhetorical but she needed an answer maybe just maybe it will be adrop to cool of the inferno that ragged inside her, for she cried more about it than the phone in her hand.

Things were rocky at home and the cold war between the sisters was picking momentum. The gap was widening by day and the bond hanged losely. Although it was not official it was clear that the lines had been drawn and they all stood on their sides. The once happy, loud laughter filled dinners had given way to gloomy silent dinners with strained and forced conversation if all the family joined. Decisions that were made in unison turned to rogue. The ship was sinking and it was hard for Nica to salvage it as you fix what you know is broken and that was the dilema for the very problem was a paradox.

Published by inkedtears

The story teller. We all are perfect in our own imperfection.

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