Beauty in the broken

I write when am heavy to offload some weight through words.i write what i have no strength to say. I write whats deep in the storm to pour out some water so the boat wont capsize. I write to escape when the chains feel so tight. I write to breath when i suffocate in reality….

BUT i read also and all i write is pain that’s what seems to be the best of my work. Honestly, deep down i think its ugly and it makes me sad.

I want to write of love of joy of laughter. I want to write to create to attract bliss to bring smiles not tears for my words bring a dark cloud.

I want to write still but i want to write different. I want to write of beauty, if my words is my legacy i want it to inspire to create to paint bliss that my book may not be dark but colourful. Oh! I want to write and i miss the pen and paper but not with my hands shaking and the pages soaked.

There is beauty in everything

I want to write with my back flat on the grass my legs swinging in the air like a toddler my face bright with a smile and if my eyes tear i want it to be from the breathless laughter that my words bring. I want to write of the beautiful moments in every thing however little it is like a surprise lunch of sandwiches and fries from my husband that means the world to me and made my day so beautiful i think thats the meal i have enjoyed in a week. I want to write for pleasure and comfort i want to write because its the beauty in me and when all leaves and i fade the words will remain so i write of beauty that i may help create a beautiful world….

Published by inkedtears

The story teller. We all are perfect in our own imperfection.

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