New 🎼 song

I found a new song one that makes me sad and happy. I found a new purpose one that terrifies my hope. A path I swore never to walk through. You drag me deeper into the rail. Each dusk am miles down this road. Foreign to my eyes but in your eyes am lost not. The war in me is fading soon it will be memory. To do or not nolonger a question. For in you I find a home.

Walls collapse, the light breaks in
The crack an open path now
Two in a fit for one yet crowded not
Your presence colours the twilight
No longer a nightingale, in the rainbow bounce
Like a butterfly I swing
Enticed by the colours, attached to the light
The feeling is familiar, a song of the the heart .

Published by inkedtears

The story teller. We all are perfect in our own imperfection.

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