she is a combination of strength and wisdom, teacher and nurse, but overall she is the definition of LOVE . She is a woman……

I love my home I love my parents I love my siblings and my friends at home.my tiny room and the nature surrounding my father’s home….but no am taught not to be attached to this….for when I love I will have to unlove it.
my brother gets to love and he can still love this his comfort zone…i watch as she walked in, with her beautiful eyes calm, her speech short, her etiquette on point, beside my brother she walked, the cheers swallowing her voice. what is it she wanted to say??? uuhhh…. come again pardon??? no I can’t hear they can’t hear he can’t hear too but it takes a another to understand coz deep in those beautiful eyes rages a storm , fear , emptiness and confusion.
I am glued to her eyes yes a tear drop not for absence of love for the trees bare witness to their oblivion… then what??? unhappiness No!! this is her soulmate…… which piece of the puzzle is missing?
………years later am her his hands warm entangled in mine the same path the same crowd then the tears came, ohh I get it! I understand now!! the words echo ” when you love you have to unlove”….am taught to leave my home and call another home am taught to leave my parents and call another mum and dad. Am taught to leave my siblings and call another brother. Am taught to detach from half my life and adjust in a second and I do just like her just like them before and after; how???
every month menstrual cycle the moodswings the cramps some extreme some mild but society say you got to keep up, I carry life in me for nine month every moment a struggle and overwhelming change,give life as my body breaks down but society tells me I get 3 months maternity leave, to heal and nature life, I got a career normal office days but society tells me I still have to be the base at home, my kids have to be perfect coz any failure is linked to me, I have to dress, talk, act, do as society wants on top make everything easy and perfect for everyone and if I do all still, like the ones before me I still get degraded that I have to fight for equality. Am to submit and silence my opinion, for talking back makes me a bad woman, mother, daughter, sister.
so I level up like the ones before me although!!! am stronger and wiser am better am the backbone am smarter am the queen
AM A…..

to all mothers, sisters ,girlfriends and grandmothers that are before and those to come I salute you I celebrate you you are amazing….keep winning

Published by inkedtears

The story teller. We all are perfect in our own imperfection.

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