SILENT SCREAMS” can i be myself ?”

SILENT SCREAMS “can i be myself?”part 2……   …………..I come from a family of academic genius apart from my uncle Philemon, the rest will proudly show you’re their PhDs and masters. It does not end there as they insist it’s not about getting a masters it’s about getting it with a first-class honor’s. They alwaysContinue reading “SILENT SCREAMS” can i be myself ?””

SILENT SCREAMS “can i be myself?”

…. It passed on more as a drama festival than a funeral. Brother turned against another and parents in tears torn between which sides to take the living or mourn the deceased. I come from the Luo community, one of the major and popular tribes in Kenya. My tribesmen celebrate life even at death. YouContinue reading “SILENT SCREAMS “can i be myself?””

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